Golf Fundraiser for Ukraine 2023

On 18th May 2023, we joined forces with our corporate sponsors, Novus Black, to bring you our annual Golf Fundraiser at the stunning Bowood Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort in Wiltshire. The aim was to raise £17,000 to contribute towards generators, food and water, first-aid medication, shelter and anything else we can give to help […]

12th September 2022

On 12th September 2022 we headed to Medyka to deliver several tons of products with a value of over £20,000. Brindusa (on the left) and Paddy (on the right) were our first all lady driving team and what a team they are. We left at 12.30pm own 12th September and arrived back on 16th September […]

Huge shipment of medical goods

On 15th July 2022 a 40 foot lorry left Bath to head towards Medyka. This consignment is the result of collaboration between 3 different humanitarian organisations stretching from Bournemouth to Swindon and all the volunteers that work freely and tirelessly to make this happen. There is an other lorry loaded with medial aid making the […]

Amazing News From Local Support

When we first started our venture Andy Miller from Leicester used his amazing contacts with the German Fire Brigade to help us with accommodation along the way. Their help and commitment has been unwavering, including the supply of food and diesel to help us. Frank Peters from Krefeld has been outstanding containing to arrange stops […]

Donations Reach Incredible Highs

Donations from the public to our partners and ourselves have been outstanding. From nappies to food to medications we have been extremely fortunate to receive a hug amount of support in the form of gods and cash. We have been very fortunate to find an amazing partner in Debs Bonfield who is one of Trustees […]

Humanitarian Aid Fund Trip July 2022

This trip delivered goods and a vehicle to Medyka where Simon Massey works as a partner with ourselves delivering goods deep into Ukraine. These trips take essential goods to people in need in areas of direct conflict. The mix off goods we delivered in this trip included; medical aid devices, fresh food, packaged food, toiletries, […]