Help us to purchase locally-sourced essential plants and seeds for farmers in Ukraine.

The Ukraine-Russia war has caused widespread destruction and displacement, resulting in farmers losing their land, livestock, and equipment. Many farmers were forced to flee their homes, leaving their farms unattended and unable to produce crops.

The conflict also disrupted trade and transportation routes, making it challenging to get agricultural products to market. This has led to shortages of essential items like seeds, fertilisers, and machinery, which has further hampered agricultural production in Ukraine.

Our objective is to generate cash donations, which will enable us to purchase locally-sourced essential plants and seeds. These plants and seeds can then be utilised to create allotments, which will feed communities during the summer months and facilitate traditional winter storage methods like pickling.

Additionally, the war has resulted in the loss of access to water resources, such as irrigation systems and dams, which are critical for farming in Ukraine’s dry regions. As a result, farmers have been unable to plant crops or provide sufficient water for their livestock.

It is crucial to support the revival of Ukraine’s traditional farming industry, please donate anything you can today.

Thank you.