Meet our Trustees

Andy Miller

Trustee fund raiser

Andy owns his specialist insurance broking business and he is a property developer in the Midlands.  His amazing endeavours have helped us for a link with the German Fire Brigade who assist us with fuel donations and accommodation on our trips to Ukraine.   

Lars Singleton


Lars is the owner of Empowered Pensions one of the UK’s leading SSAS providers.  His skills and knowledge of compliance processes and his commitment to the work we have been doing means Lars brings a huge talent that will ensure we keep our administration compliant with the expectations of the Charity Commission.

Debs Bonfield

Fund Raising Legend

Debs is the owner of her owner ceramics business in Hertford and the founder and owner of Hertfood.  Her work through Hertfood providing foodbank facilities to the community of Hertford is legendary.  Debs has huge credibility with anyone that she meets her work for the Ukraine has been outstanding where she has raised tons of products and over £50,000 to facilitate aid to the people of Ukraine.  We are all in awe of the work Debs every single day.

Joanne Barry

Money Manager

Joanne is a Director with companies that operate around the UK where her skills as a manager of cash keep the cash flowing throughout the businesses.   Joanne was responsible for arranging an event that raised 10’s of thousands of pounds for our charity.  “When Cliff told me what he wanted to do it was something we just had to do.  Little did we know what support there was waiting for us.”  

Cliff Barry

Charity Chair and & Driver

Cliff Barry is a business person with companies operating in the plumbing and heating sector at various locations across the UK.  He works across the team helping to arrange trips, fund raising and pretty much anything that is thrown his way.  “I had this crazy idea of buying a cheap van filling it with goods, taking it to the Ukraine border and then donating the van and goods to someone.  What has emerged from that is huge.  My thanks to everyone that has contributed to our project and now our charity.”   

How did we get to where we are?

Debs and Cliff met in March 2022 following an introduction.  From the first venture that they did together delivering goods to Medyka they have worked so well together that the transition to a charity was a natural progression.   From the first trip to now Cliff and Debs have shared costs on various aspects of the trips and forming the charity will enable all the funds raised to combine into a single fund that the trustees all support.

Where are we going?

The immediate future is about instant aid for people on the streets of Ukraine, at hospitals and anywhere else that food and other aid is needed.

For the future we are looking ahead to helping to rebuild communities.  Cliff has recently proposed to government that villages, towns and cities across the UK seek joint relationships with Ukrainian communities of similar size to help rebuild the communities for the future.  Hopefully this idea will resonate and grow so that the UK becomes the best partner Ukraine has to help it recover.