Millions of people around the world are currently facing unimaginable human crises – from war and conflict to natural disasters and disease outbreaks. These crises often leave vulnerable communities without access to necessities like food, shelter, and medical care.

But you can make a difference. By supporting HAFGB, you’ll be helping to provide critical support to those who need it most, starting with the people of Ukraine.

With your help, we can provide emergency aid like food, water, and shelter to families who have lost everything in a disaster. We can also provide medical care and other essential services to communities affected by conflict and displacement.

But our work doesn’t stop there. We’re also committed to long-term solutions that will help communities build resilience and recover from crises. 

Every donation, no matter how small, can make a big difference.

So please, give what you can today and help us support those who are facing unimaginable challenges around the world.

Together, we can make a real impact and provide hope for a better tomorrow.

We have just sent 1,200 Christmas Shoeboxes to children in Ukraine!

In 2022 we sent 1,000 shoeboxes to Ukraine and in 2023 we sent 1,200 shoeboxes filled with presents for the children of the Ukraine! They are so grateful for the kindness, love and support from each and every one of you.

We cannot thank everyone who donated enough and we pay special praise to our partners, Ukraine Relief, for making all of this possible.

Please watch our video or click the button below to read our Christmas Shoebox Appeal story. 

Thank you. ,

The people of Ukraine are still suffering

Your donations towards generators will provide vital heating and electricity to homes, schools and hospitals, saving thousands of lives and restoring basic needs. Just one 40kVA is enough to run a small hospital – this could be life-changing. 

So far, we have sent 300 generators to Ukraine. We must continue our support and send as many generators as possible. Please help us transform lives and donate today.

Thank you. 

A generator that was sent to a school in Ukraine!

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Our collaborations aim to further increase the aid we can provide

From our inception we have worked tirelessly with other people that have the same ambitions and objectives. This plan has enabled our collaborations to form relationships that bring together immense commitment, extensive connections and efficient methods of operation. We are extremely happy to extend our collaboration to anyone seeking to support refugees and their communities.  

Current Projects

Goods and cash – All goods and cash are gratefully received. Please send goods to HAFGB, Orange House, Trimdon Grange Ind Est.,  Trimdon Grange TS29 6PA. Please make cash donations via our DONATE button on our website through our JustGiving page.

Generators – Just one 40kVA generator is enough to run a small hospital – this could be life-changing. If you have a spare generator or would like to donate money towards one, please email or click our DONATE button

Shoe Box Appeal – We have recently collected and sent over 2,200 shoe boxes filled with goods for the children of Ukraine for Christmas 2022 & 2023. Our Shoe Box Appeal will return in June 2024.

How Can You Help?

We need more donations of products and cash than ever before.  The needs of the displaced people of Ukraine are huge.  Our aim is to help them as much as possible.  Please collaborate with us by raising goods and cash from your local communities and then work  through us to get the goods, services and cash to where they will be most effective. 

  • You can arrange simple activities in your community or maybe a major event where people buy tickets that generate a profit that can be used to buy essential goods.
  • You can make donations direct to ourselves where we will work with you to ensure that you see your donations in action.
  • You could join our growing list of driver volunteers and raise money from your friends and family to help us fund the cost of the journey to Ukraine.
  • You can volunteer your time to work with Simon and his team on the border and into Ukraine distributing goods. 
  • You could knock on the doors of your local businesses, friends and families asking if they can spare some food products that we can take to Ukraine. 

There is so much to do and so much that can be done.  No matter what donation is made everything has a positive impact.  From just one jar of baby food to the £20,000 we were given for Defib units literally every penny counts and makes a difference. 

The generosity of the Great British public is huge.  We want to help everyone that has an idea to turn that idea into a positive donation of some kind so every project that is done we will publish on this site to show the world just what is being done.

Our Partners

Without them, none of this would be possible. Thank you.